VILLA MARE TLV restaurant brings you the exact combination of sea and land or more precisely – the combination between freedom and luxury.

Discover new flavors of sea and land sharing one plate.In our rich menu, you will find fish and seafood alongside a menu of Mediterranean meats and Italian dairy.

Enjoy a luxurious European atmosphere in turquoise white, in front of the simplicity of the timeless landscape of the Tel Aviv Mediterranean sea.
Come with flip-flops, come with a button-down, come after your done dipping in the sea or come festive, your choice – we will take care of the experience.

Choose from a wide range of dishes


VILLA MARE TLV Restaurant invites you to enjoy the winning combination of good food and a unique alcohol menu,
Suitable for all hours of the day, served and inspired by the restaurant chef.
A variety of rich, high-class breakfasts are recommended, accompanied by a light breakfast cocktail.
For lunch, business awaits you at prices not to be missed, along with a varied wine menu – because there is nothing like wine and sunset.

In the evening when it gets dark, after enjoying the fine main meal, the music changes to Deep House …
And it's time to drop the food and lift the mood with a selection of whiskeys from around the world!

Come and enjoy the taste of freedom with touches of luxury.
Or more simply to say – a sea view and a high level culinary experience.

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