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* Valid for Sundays-Thursdays between the hours of 12: 30-23: 00 *

Business lunch in Tel Aviv

One of the most important parts of a work day, with all due respect to meetings, meetings and regular work is of course the lunch break.

It's your time to freshen up, rest a bit, go out and change the atmosphere or alternatively relax in the dining area or kitchenette and storm for lunch that already with the morning coffee you have taken care to order. If you work in Tel Aviv, there is a clear advantage in having a wide range of businesses in Tel Aviv. All you have to do is go online and check, even though you can save your search work.

Villa Mara TLV is exactly the place you are looking for, our lunch business is served on Sundays-Thursdays from 12:30 to 17:00, and includes a first course, main course and a drink at a very affordable price.

A wide variety of business lunches

Business lunches in Tel Aviv and in general can sometimes be boring and basic meals with the very standard things that if you really wanted you could also bring ready-made from home. At Villa Mara TLV you are not discriminated against as business clients. On the contrary. They give you benefits you will not get anywhere else.

פילה דניס קונפי

Business meals in Tel Aviv - even in the afternoon

Do you know that you really want to go out for lunch, but the boss has an urgent task for you? Business meals in Tel Aviv in many restaurants are limited to a short time of two to three hours so around 15:00 onwards you will need to order a meal that will cost you more. At Villa Mara TLV we went towards you and business meals start at 12:00 for early risers who start their work early and last until 17:00 for beginners later or who just like to go out for a lunch break closer to the end of the day. We thought of them all so that the business would suit every agenda and preference of each and every one.

That's why Villa Mara Tel Aviv's brunch menu is based on dishes served in the center of the table, fun dishes to share. The first courses include fresh salads and special dips, and main courses of shakshuka or frittata. All this is of course accompanied by a hot and cold drink – orange juice and raspberry lemonade (which you must taste!), Our quality coffee and a variety of teas and infusions.

לינגוויני קרבונרה

Take a break and not think

Arik Einstein's song, to sit in front of the sea and not worry, describes excellently the experience of eating your business with us. There is nothing like eating your lunch and spending your lunch break in front of the sea on the boardwalk.

Good food, music, sea, fun atmosphere, people of all kinds, from those like you who are in the middle of a work day through tourists (at least during normal periods…) to those who are currently on vacation and spending time at sea until sunset. We have a place for everyone, for anyone looking for good food or a view of the sea and most importantly – both.

Looking for a business lunch in Tel Aviv? Want some break from the busy day? We at Villa Mara TLV are here for you.

Looking for a business lunch in Tel Aviv? Want some break from the busy day? We at Villa Mara TLV are here for you.

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